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Gain insight into the past, present or future!

Using Astrology As A Guide To Inner Exploration

Chart Interpretation
Focus is on providing inspiration and insight

Using celestial wisdom, my reading of your zodiac chart will energize your dreams. Together we’ll look at how the stars align to encourage your well-being, personal and emotional understanding, and your success.


Learn what the character & quality of your future might be through the study of the palm.

Chakra Reading & Balancing

Explore the seven chakras and how they can be used to deepen self-understanding and awaken greater clarity and richness in life. Learn how the chakras are a medium for exploring the psyche, the emotions, and relationships.   Through meditative exercises, we will explore how with these “wheels of light” can enhance concentration, focus, and even promote self-healing.

Crystal Ball Divination


We will study the numbers that impact your life, and reveal their truths about the path you are walking in life.  Studying your unique numerology can tell you what your strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and opportunities are an now to navigate your life using this information. 

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